Puff dogs - huff 'n' puff

She didn’t know it, but her hesitation had science on its side: A meta-analysis in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews looked at 17 trials on antibiotics for people with acute bronchitis, and concluded that they only slightly shorten the duration of the illness—if they have any benefit at all. (And of course there’s the issue of antibiotic resistance to consider.) In the end, Carpenter refused the prescription, and her bronchitis eventually cleared up. But the experience left her with the distinct impression that she was just one more patient on the medical assembly line. “I felt like a number,” she says.

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The Big Bad Wolf is the main antagonist of the Silly Symphonies short The Three Little Pigs and its sequels. As his name suggests, he is a ruthless, conniving wolf who constantly plots to capture and eat the Three Little Pigs .

Puff Dogs - Huff 'n' PuffPuff Dogs - Huff 'n' PuffPuff Dogs - Huff 'n' PuffPuff Dogs - Huff 'n' Puff